About Electronic Cheque Image Exchange

The Cayman Islands Automated Clearing House (CIACH) has adopted a phased approach to the implementation of its new payment services. The second phase has brought the introduction of an Electronic Cheque Image Exchange which will facilitate the electronic exchange of cheque images and improve the speed with which interbank cheque transactions, in both Cayman Islands dollars and United States dollars drawn against local banks, are settled.

To support Electronic Cheque Image Exchange, new standards have been agreed for the production of Manager’s Cheques issued by all Participating Banks and for the production of Cheques issued by all of their clients. The deadline for clients to acquire and issue personal and/or corporate cheques compliant with the new cheque standards is April 30th, 2020.

The benefits of the new cheque standards are;

  • Faster, secure and efficient exchange of information via compliant cheque images versus daily transport of physical cheques between Participating Banks.
  • Timely reconciliation across banks as a result of being able to view cleared cheque images more quickly.
  • Faster client access to funds after depositing against “other bank” cheques.
  • Faster research capabilities to address inquiries clients may have.
  • Earlier notification of returned cheques.

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